Why Donate?

Zasshiko has been around for a good few years now and during this period we have seen many free hosting sites come and go. This has affected us greatly as with each closure of a free hosting site we lost a large majority of our content - hundreds of magazines, hundreds of hours spent uploading and organising, all down the drain. We bounced back every time this happened but soon it started to take its toll on us. The final straw came in 2014 when practically all the hosts that we were using went down for good. Zasshiko had no working links, no content.

That was when we decided that we would host all our content by ourselves. Of course this meant that we had to upgrade our hosting package significantly to accommodate for the change, this was an expensive move however it meant that we would have full control over all our files, no more lost content!

Unfortunately, there was no way that we could afford enough bandwidth to offer all our content to everyone for free. Therefore to maintain this great source of Japanese fashion magazines we started the "donator's privilege" area.


Access More
Gain access to all the content that Zasshiko holds without limitations. With over 4500 magazines to browse through, you are bound to find inspiration.

No Advertisements
Since all files are hosted locally, you won't need to go onto any external hosting sites which may bombard you with advertisements or unwanted popups.

Instant Downloads
Download with one simple click. All magazines are provided with a direct download link for your convenience.

Fast Speeds
What more can I say? Tired of waiting ages for content to finish, then become a donator to get super-fast download speeds.

Multiply Downloads
Download without limitations. Sick of waiting an hour before you can download another file? As a donator you have the freedom to read as many magazines you want, when you want.


Becoming a donator is quick and easy. Simply choose how long you wish to join Zasshiko for (4 months or a year) and click on the button which corresponds to that period of time. Payments are made through PayPal.

Once we have received your donation we will create an account for you and send you your login details within 48 hours. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received an email from us.